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Join to download free stock video every week. Membership is free and gives you access to amazing royalty-free stock footage, video backgrounds and motion graphics

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Weekly free stock video
Join to download free stock video every week. Membership is free and gives you access to amazing royalty-free stock footage, video backgrounds and motion graphics

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Video Training

Once your application is accepted, you may begin uploading clips for sale. Clips must have all logos removed before submission, for copyright and trademark reasons.

We only accept High Definition 1280 x 720 or higher videos, the video files must be in the QuickTime format with a .mov extension, max high 150MB, compressed with PHOTO JPEG (if file is rendered as a progressive scan) or H24. Compression should be set to no less than 95%, "High", or "Best". Clips should be 5 - 30 seconds in length.

If you have trouble uploading the full-resolution clips you can post/ snail mail them to us (include your contributor details) on CD or DVD.

Also we offer you a FREE PICK and DROP service (if you have more than 1000 videos/10,000 images). Hard drives are acceptable and we always guarantee return. Mail submissions can be sent to:

Attention: Video Editor
29 Denzille Lane, Dublin 2
P: (353) 1-442-2517

Metadata/Key wording

Enter a Description

10 words or less describing the video subject or theme.

  • Example of what to submit:
    "Stock footage of blue moon at night"
    Don't lead File Titles with: A1, A, AAA, 1A, etc.
  • Example of what NOT to submit:
    "One Moon at Night" or "1 moon at night"

Description (optional)

Provide a description of the video's subject, location, special circumstances, or any other interesting or valuable information regarding the clip. Description should not include models' names or ethnicity, trade names or copyrighted material/names.


At Anistock we call our keywords "Tags". We prefer between 8 and 20 tags per piece of content. You can have multiple words in a tag; example "blue moon" is counted as one tag. Simply type in your tag (single or multiple words) and hit enter to move on to next tag. Once you review your tags for spelling, Please press the "Save Keywords" button.

Tip: Be specific and keep it relevant. How well you keyword a stock video determines how often the search engine displays it while a client searches. The trick is to appear in relevant searches; getting in front of the buyer determines the success of your footage. But accuracy is essential so we don't irritate clients who want to find something specific.

What is it? Describe the subject of your video. You have 20 words to describe all the pertinent details, and the more specific you are; the more likely your video is to be found by the right searches. What is it? Is it a dog, in a park, barking? Two Love hearts, close up, animation, hearts pumping? A young woman, in a business suit, in an office, on a laptop, against a white background? Then be sure to tell the search engine the correct information. Remember each tag can have multiple words such as "dog barking in park" counts as one tag.

Describe Everything: Be Specific: Be very specific about the subject. For stock footage of people, include physical characteristics, ages, ethnicity, emotion, and mood. Is the woman grumpy? Is the man overweight, or even obese? Is the model animated?

Use a few of your tags/keywords for everything happening in your video; each of the primary subjects, the background and the action. Your video is like a sentence; be sure to include each of the nouns (the people, places and things in the clip) and each of the verbs (what they're doing) as well as the situation. Imagine you are a newspaper journalist, asking questions about the scene, and answer, who, what, when, where and why.

Try to imagine all the different words a person might use to describe the same thing. For example: ocean, sea, pacific, waves, blue ocean.


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