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Join to download free stock video every week. Membership is free and gives you access to amazing royalty-free stock footage, video backgrounds and motion graphics

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Weekly free stock video
Join to download free stock video every week. Membership is free and gives you access to amazing royalty-free stock footage, video backgrounds and motion graphics

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Sell Stock

Anistock is re-writing the relationship between contributor and seller. Innovative contributor options include Anistock licensing and paying you for your content (set fee or set fee plus commission), we do the key wording (speeds up and reduces time), pick and drop your hard drives for free (if you have more than 1000 videos/10,000 images) or you can opt for the standard royalty payment model (60% commission).

Anistock is a contributor friendly business, our motto is "be fair and deal fair". We merge our web reach and stock media platform and blend it with your creative works from video, images, templates to illustrations. You create what you want, when you want, in your own time, generating income from your creative work. Some of our Contributors sell stock in their free time to generate a second income, some do it to promote their name, and some are able to make it their full time profession.

License your content to Anistock.

  • Set fee: If you have 1000 or more videos or 10,000 plus images, Anistock can pay you an annual set fee paid out monthly. No waiting for sales or commissions, you stock our library, we pay you a monthly fee. Once the agreed contact is in place, you receive a set monthly payment where no further commissions are due.
  • Set fee plus commission: This option strikes a balance between set incomes and commissions with upside on each file licensed. Fees and commissions depend on the quantity of media you have available.

Standard Commission Model.

Contributors earn 60% on every sale! Yes, 60% on all your sales.

Anistock extra offerings to our contributors.

  • Pick and Drop: Regardless of which contributor model you opt for, subject to minimum quantities of media, Anistock will arrange to have your hard disc drive picked up, your media uploaded to the Anistock library and then return your hard drive. Sound good, one more thing, its free.
  • Key wording: Got media content, would like to earn a living from it but you don't have the time or skill (or it's just too much hassle), then Anistock will do the key wording for you. There is no fee for this however the commission model drops to 50% on our standard commission model. Contact us for more information.

Getting started

Becoming a Contributor is easy; Just follow these steps and you'll be on your way to making passive income by selling stock.

  1. Become a member - it is free
  2. Read the FAQ's
  3. Upload your files or arrange a courier pick-up
  4. Drop us a line any time, if you're stuck. We're here to help.

Some FAQ's

How do Contributors get paid?
We pay via PayPal monthly. Here's the http://www.anistock.com/royalty_schedule.html
Do you have a referral program?
Yes, Here's more info: http://www.anistock.com/affiliates.html
Do I retain the rights to my own file?
Yes, it's your creative work. We just provide a platform to sell it.
Can my payment rate ever go down?
Nope, unlike some of the other major stock marketplaces your rate will never go down, regardless of sales volume.
Are files reviewed or will you accept anything?
Each file goes through a review process to make sure the quality is top notch. That's why so many buyers like MTV, CNN, Fox, Nokia choose Anistock.
Can I make more money by selling exclusively with Anistock?
No, Anistock does not operate an exclusive program because it's an open market.
Who is responsible for copyright violations in files I've submitted?
As the Contributor, it's your responsibility to make sure you're not violating anyone's copyright by uploading your file. If you're unsure if you're allowed to use an asset within your file, ask the asset's owner or a lawyer.
Who determines the price of my file?
All files are priced by Anistock. Anistock and its staff reserves the right to amend pricing only with your consent, to ensure prices consistently reflect factors such as quality, complexity, potential demand and licence type.
Am I required to support the files I upload?
No, it's not required unless the file is actually damaged.
Are there file types that you already have plenty of that you no longer accept?
If a category is oversaturated, that just means the quality standards go up. You'll have to give it a unique spin or make it much nicer looking for it to be approved.

Contact us to discuss the above options and fees you can expect.

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